MacOS: ping6 2a00:7b80:451:1::8 . Conclusion. If you followed this article you should have a working IPv6 address on your server. Oct 10, 2018 · Netplan allows simpler and declarative configuration of networks and interfaces with YML files, which eases both human and machine configuration... "/>

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If you do not use a GUI, change DNS settings with the command line Netplan tool. 1. Go to the Netplan directory: cd /etc/netplan 2. List the directory contents with ls to see the name of the yaml file containing network configuration. Open the file in a text editor. Your file may have a different name. sudo nano 01-network-manager.yaml. Configuring DNS server IP address in Ubuntu is quick and easy with Netplan. CloudQubes. Insights and information on cloud computing and 5G for Telcos and all. Jan 12, 2020 - 1 Min read. ... nameservers: addresses: [,] Then apply the changes. $ sudo netplan apply. If everything goes well, now you will be able to resolve URLs..

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