Joining two (or) more than two tables without any condition is called a “cross / Cartesian join”. In cross join, each row of the first table will join joins with each row of the second table. That means a first table is having “m” no. of rows and a second table is having “n” no. of rows then the result is m x n no. of rows.. "/>

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To join table A with the table B, you follow these steps: First, specify columns from both tables that you want to select data in the SELECT clause. Second, specify the main table i.e., table A in the FROM clause. Third, specify the second table (table B) in the INNER JOIN clause and provide a join condition after the ON keyword. In this section i would like to explain about the step by step execution of With clause. Step 1 : The SQL Query within the with clause is executed at first step. Step 2 : The output of the SQL query is stored in to temporary relation of with clause. Step 3 : The Main query is executed with temporary relation produced at last stage.

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